29 May, 2006

Antes el entregarse al sueño

A Catholic family heirloom belonging to my Chilean father-in-law; the Novisimo Diamante Divino, a Spanish missal printed in 1906.

En vuestras manos, Señor, encomiendo mi espíritu. ¿Quién sabe si esta misma noche llamaréis á mi alma? Por lo qui á mí toca, os ofrezco desde ahora el sacrificio de mi vida: disponed de ella: hágase vuestra voluntad y no la mia. La esperanza que tengo en hará descansar y dormir en paz, pues en Vos y en el Corazón de vuestro Hijo es solamente en donde mi alma puede encontrar el reposo que necesita.


Sir G said...

Perhaps your wife is a good dresser because she is a Chilean?

I want to link to a particular post by you (on coining new words), but can't find its address. what would it be and how do i find it?

Sir G said...

Btw, I used to import herbal tea from Chile (from a firm your inlaws propbably know quite well, Cambiaso Hermanos) to Japan (I never managed to export coal to newcastle). In connection with this business, I visited Chile several times and really loved it -- the food was great, the country beautiful, the people friendly, prices low -- except for books. i would move there if it also had a half-decent performance art.

Conrad H. Roth said...

Alas, I have not myself been to Chile, though we too hear fine things about it. The plane-tickets are prohibitively expensive. My wife has never been to Chile either; born and raised in America, her father being entirely naturalised, and her mother a white American (though, bizarrely, and coincidentally given your comment, with some Japanese blood). Her inimitable dress-sense, I think, comes entirely from her.

Sir G said...

the tickets are prohibitive and the flight time is awful: 12-14 hrs (depending where you set off from) -- and you never even leave your own time zone. from Japan it was something like 28 hrs -- 10 to west coast another 12 to Santiago.