04 June, 2006

Conrad's library

Hampstead, London, must be the most beautiful place on earth; it's good to be home again. We seem to get limited wireless access in our flat, so I should be able to keep writing during the summer. During my time here, I'm going to take the opportunity to write about some of the obscurer reaches of my book-collection, which remains in the city. Some of these volumes will be accessible via abebooks.com, or a good university library, others beyond the reaches of a general search. I will use this post, permalinked at the right of the page, to index alphabetically all the entries I write for this series. Enjoy!


George Calder, ed. Auraicept Na N-Éces
Henry Carey, Chrononhotonthologos
Moses B. Cotsworth, The Rational Almanac
Daniel Defoe, The Consolidator
Max Ernst, La Femme 100 Têtes and Norman Rubington, Moonglow
Fulcanelli, Le Mystère des Cathédrales
'Stephen N. Palaeologus', Michael Neo Palaeologus his Grammar
Paolo Soleri, Quaderno #2: Space as Reality
Joshua Steele, Prosodia Rationalis
Boris Vian, Calcul Numérique de Dieu
Various, English etymological dictionaries
20th Century, Summer 1964: 'Alone'

To come, perhaps, some time in the future:

Masayuki Amano, "Live Jewels": General Survey of Fancy Carp (1968)
André Breton, ed. This Quarter: Surrealist Number (September 1932)
John Amos Comenius, Panglottia (1640s?)
Walter Hampson, The Original Clock Almanac (1930)
Magnus Hirschfeld, Sexual Anomalies and Perversions (c. 1936)


Andrew W. said...

I found Gawain through the Valve, and you through Gawain. You two set a standard i hope to achieve one day on my own blog!

Here's to a summer of the nooks and crannies of your library!

Conrad H. Roth said...


Sir G said...

pleased to have contributed to your popularity. try to remember my small contribution when you get really famous. (I mean it).

and thats the way to do it -- link away like crazy. though the way technocrati counts it is stupid: i get most and best traffic from sites which per technocrati have small "auhtority", and smallest (and worst) from sites with big "authority".

Anonymous said...

Still waiting for your comments on Stephen N. Palaeologus, "Michael Neo Palaeologus his Grammar". I own a copy and have found little or no reference to this book on the internet.

Conrad H. Roth said...

Alas, this may have to wait till the summer, as my books are not currently with me. I'll see what I can do.