03 November, 2006

Why blog, sinners?

Well, it's official—or rather, as official as anything can be now under the auspices of that hyper-atomised post-Catholic ecclesiastical maelstrom granted us 500 years ago—which is to say, not very—and that's, yes, blogging is evil. One of the newer particles of this increasingly decrepit religion calls itself the Restored Church of God, somewhat ironically. Their homepage proclaims with a fantastic self-assurance, 'You have reached the only website on earth that explains the truth of virtually every biblical doctrine—and in extraordinary detail. Thus, it is immense.' Isn't that a marvelous 'thus'? One of their pages outlines an anti-blogging manifesto penned by a Mr. Kevin D. Denee (De Née='born yesterday'?):
The Internet—and more specifically blogs—has enabled everyone to have a voice on any matter. Now everyone’s thoughts are “published” for all to see. Whether or not it is effective, as soon as something is posted the person has a larger voice. It often makes the blogger feel good or makes him feel as if his opinion counts—when it is mostly mindless blather!
I am cut to the quick. How well Mr. Denee knows me! Until this moment I had indeed suspected that my mindless blather 'counts'. Well, no more!
Also, whether or not you admit it, having a blog with your name, your picture and your opinions strokes the human ego—it lifts you up. It essentially advertises the self!
Lord be praised, my picture is buried deep within the recesses of this blog; perhaps I would do well to scourge and rase it entirely.
If you blog, are you sure you do not partially enjoy it because your carnal nature is inclined toward vanity?
It is, it is!
Idle words can make you appear foolish. How do you think God feels about the mindless blogging that is occurring? Do you believe His Word? Notice how God cares about the words He wrote: “The words of the Lord are pure words: as silver tried in a furnace of earth, purified seven times” (Psa. 12:6).
To think, I only purify my words four or five times at the most, such are the attentive limits of my editorial eye.
Most blogs can be summed up as people talking about almost anything, but really nothing. There is no purpose to much of the contents—no direction.
Too, too true. Vivian Mercier once summed up my predicament when he labelled the Varieties 'a blog on which nothing happens. Twice'. He was a gentle soul, God rest his weary bones, with a real critical eye. Indeed, my original pitch was for a 'blog about nothing', and the producers just ran with it. Well, I know that I have accrued a small and loyal readership, who seem to enjoy the nothing; now you understand, I'm sure, that the Varieties only reflect the void at the bottom of your own sinful hearts. Repent!

[Via Right Reading]


Andrew West said...

How do you think God feels about the mindless blogging that is occurring?

I don't know, perhaps He should try blogging and then we'd all be able to find out what God thinks without having to rely on the good office of Mr. Kevin D. Denee.

Anonymous said...

So pleased to hear that somebody else's religion is also plagued with anti-bloggery. You might be interested to know that the internet itself has actually been banned altogether in certain ultra-Orthodox Jewish circles. Beat that, Mr Roth!

Conrad H. Roth said...

Andrew: aren't we God's blog?

Simon: well, the Amish don't even have electricity...

Anonymous said...

Of course! Catholic extremism trumps Protestant fundamentalism; Jewish ultra-Orthodoxy trumps Catholic extremism; Amish trumps everything. I should have remembered that.

Anonymous said...

Simply outstanding.

ShabbyInTheCity said...

There is no doubt my blog lifts me up and gives me confidence...in which I might better testify for God? I hope. He knows who I am and who I'm not. I'm still learning who He is.

ShabbyInTheCity said...

Oh, and I have many Amish neighbors who have not only electricity but such things as t.v.s and the occasional mirror in the house.