09 September, 2006

UPS Commercial

A 30-second television spot. Two continuous sequences are interspersed. In the first, OFFICE-MANAGER is having a bad day: minor irritations keep occurring, eg. he misses the train to work, he spills coffee on his shirt, the photocopier breaks down. He is waiting for an important package to be delivered at the end of the day, 5pm. So long as the package arrives, he'll be happy. Shots of the clock on the office wall, ticking closer and closer to 5.

The second sequence features UPS DELIVERY-MAN traversing the globe to get OFFICE-MANAGER his package on time: he races across deserts, barters with a Mongolian farmer for supplies, pilots a boat across a lake, drives breakneck through the city with the package under his arm. At 5 o'clock on the dot DELIVERY-MAN, exhausted, sets the package down on OFFICE-MANAGER's desk with a smile; OFFICE-MANAGER is overjoyed. (Possible additional shot: the camera reveals the banal contents of the package, for comic effect.) At the end of the spot comes the slogan:

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